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Family and Organizational Constellation

in English

You are stuck in repetitive patterns? You’re unclear on how to get on by yourself? There is an important decision pending in your life?
This seminar offers a secure and protected room for occupational as well as private concerns. Systemic relations may reveal themselves and open up new perspectives.
The seminar is composed of a guided meditation, one constellation and a moderated exchange within the group on the experience.

Prior to your own constellation if we don’t know each other yet, a reduced one-to-one session is mandatory.

As participating observer you profit from the ongoing constellations: they usually touch upon your own topics and go likewise deep. Of course they also provide a relaxed possibility to get to know the method and tangibly „walk in different shoes“ through the representations.

Experience shows that solidarity develops among the participants, which can be very valuable for a continuing process. For those interested, there will be an offer to take part in a virtual follow-up group.

In case of aftereffects I can be reached for consultation. For deepened additional work each participant can optionally claim a reduced one-to-one session.
The seminar is subject to professional discretion regarding the client’s concern. The group won’t exceed about 16 persons and will take place from 4-5 participants given consent from the constellating client.

The seminar takes place virtually via Microsoft Teams. Methodically, in this format we work with a mix of symbol constellation and real representatives.

This group is international and will be conducted in English, if necessary a simultaneous translation into German is possible (imperfectly, but comprehensible).


Strengthen your self-confidence and your perception. Learn good listening through tangible experience and dialogue. With clarity and calmth feel invited to look at yourself and your situation in life as is. Expand your point of view towards the whole system, get to know the influence of your own family background and make use of existing resources. Draw your own picture on constellation and depth work and let yourself be enriched by the experience, professionally as well as privately.

I am a Graduate Economist and for more than ten years have been successfully conducting IT and communication projects on behalf of large well-known corporations. As coach I attend to people in matters of life. I make use of creative methods so that underlying issues can be experienced. In doing so, I build on sound education: over many years in systemic constellation work (with Hanna Gaugler based on Hellinger) and ongoing in body oriented process facilitation (Psychoenergetics with Irene Tobler and Michael Mervosh).


Appreciation for the seminar

Own constellation:                     120,- Euro

Particpating observer:                50,- Euro

Reduced one-to-one session:   100,- Euro   (regularly 120,- Euro)
(beforehand or afterwards)

Registration Yes please!  or  +49 (0)176 – 246 20 781

Max. one constellation

Setup at home with a big screen, webcam, something to drink and undisturbed space with room to stand up